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    Settlement and Social Change in the Barony of Tulla, c. 1650-1845 (pdf, 7.2MB)

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    A Guide to Undertaking a 'Landscape Circle' Study (in seven easy steps) (pdf)

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    Notes from the Aughty People & Earth Day Land Use discussion group, recorded by Maurice Crowe:

    • The thing that struck me about the group is first of all how much people cared about the area.
    • And secondly how much people wanted to use the area.

    There seemed to be two diverse interests in the group:

    • One was a specific interest in hill walking and using it in a physical way.
    • The second group were interested in ruins, old buildings and the architectural tradition of the area.
    • Both groups have their ideas about how it should be developed.
    • One suggestion was a Sliabh Aughty Walking Festival.
    • Fedelma is doing a photo inventory at the moment of traditional buildings in county Clare, the two types of buildings that exist in County Clare in the Sliabh Aughty - which tradition they come from.
    • Karen suggested hillwalking and bridle paths, a walking festival, and sustainable tourism and rambling - to develop that type of thing for the Sliabh Aughties.
    • It was probably one of the first people to speak, Dermot, struck me when he said he was originally from Woodford, he didn't live there now but he never left Woodford. It brought back to me the old saying "the savage loves his native shore".
    • The point I'm making is that people were motivated by a desire to see the place where they came from, or the place where they live now, developed in a very cared-for way.
    • And to acknowledge the past as well.
    • We were talking about the built heritage getting lost and not being developed.
    • Fiona made the point about the non-built heritage getting lost - for instance - field names getting lost, therefore meaning gets lost and you bring less of the past with you as you go into the future.
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