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    Near Gort
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    Aughty Film
    “Aughty: A film document in 4 parts” will be a feature length exploration of the Sliabh Aughty Region and its hinterlands, aiming to capture on film the unique landscape of the Aughty region and its impact on everyday life for the people that live there.

    Aughty The Film: Press Information (Download PDF)

    Aughty Walk: Rural Futures
    Aughty Walk: Rural Futures was a week long hike through the Aughty region in Co. Clare and Galway that took place from August 23rd - 28th, 2010. This blog documents some of the discussions on the identity of the region and it's future and also conversation around issues of what the future scenarios and indeed possibilities lie ahead for rural places such as Aughty.

    Aughty Public Art Projects
    A community focused contemporary art project in the rural context of the Aughties, crossing the borders of Galway and Clare.

    Aughty Public Art Projects 2010 brochure (Download PDF)

    Weed or Knotweed?
    Marie Connole’s Weed or Knotweed? is a series of drawings and water colours exploring Aughty bird-life and a paper sculpture installation based on the proliferating Japanese Knotweed plant. She uses the knotweed as a metaphor for being ‘ transplanted’ or a ‘ blow-in’ to or from the region.