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    Aos trí muighe, mín gach fuinn,
    Duthaigh cochlach Ui Conuing,
    Clár, braoingheal as saor snoidhe,
    Dar taobhlean Craobh Cumhraidhe.

    Aos-tri-muighe, smoothest of plains,
    Is the grassy territory of O'Conaing,
    A bright watered plain, of noblest aspect,
    By the meadowy side of Craobh Cumhraidhe.

    Giolla na naomh O'Huidhrin, trans. John O'Donovan, 1862

    Detail from the Weiland map of Ireland, 1853.
    Above: detail from the Weiland map of Ireland, 1853.
    Map © Cartography Associates, from the Rumsey Collection.

    Left: detail from satellite photo (click for larger version).

    Charon (MIT Project) 1989, James Coleman ©