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    O'Heidhin or O'Heyne, Anglicised "Hynes", was styled Prince of South Hy-Fiachra, a district co-extensive with the diocese of Kilmacduagh; and comprised the barony of Kiltartan, and parts of the baronies of Dunkellin and Loughrea in the County Galway.
    O'Seachnasaigh, O'Shaughnessey, or O'Shannesy, chiefs of Kinel Aodha or Kinel-Hugh, a district in the barony of Kiltartan, County Galway. Kinel-Hugh was sometimes called Kinel-Hugh of Echty, a mountainous district on the borders of Galway and Clare.
    O'Cathail or O'Cahil was also a chief of Kinel-Hugh.
    MacGiolla Ceallaigh or MacGilkelly, Anglicised "Kilkelly," chiefs in South Fiachra. O'Cleirigh or O'Clery, Anglicised "Clarke", chiefs in Hy-Fiachra Aidhne, same as MacGilkelly. This family took the name "Cleirigh" from Cleireach, one of their celebrated chiefs in the tenth century.
    O'Duibhgiolla or O'Diffely, chiefs of Kinel-Cinngamhna [Cean Gamhna].
    MacFiachra (Anglicised MacFetridge), chiefs of Oga Beathra.
    O'Cathain, O'Cahan, or O'Cane, chiefs of Kenel-Sedna; and O'Maghna, chiefs of Ceanridhe, all chiefs in Aidhne or South Hy-Fiachra: all these chiefs were descended from Gauire Aidhne, a king of Connaught in the seventh century.

    John O'Hart, 1880

    Detail from Thomson map of Ireland, 1815.
    Above: detail from Thomson map of Ireland, 1815
    Map © Cartography Associates, from the Rumsey Collection.

    Left: detail from satellite photo (click for larger version).

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