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    Kinkora (Mac-Liag)

    I am Mac Liag, and my home is on the Lake;
    Thither often, to that palace whose beauty is fled,
    Came Brian to ask me, and I went for his sake.
    Oh, my grief! that I should live, and Brian be dead!
    Dead, O Kincora!

    This poem is ascribed to Mac-Liag, the secretary of Brian Boruimha, who fell at the battle of Clontarf, in 1014; and the subject of it is a lamentation for the fallen condition of Kinkora, the palace of that monarch, consequent on his death. The decease of Mac-Liag is recorded in the "Annals of the Four Masters," as having taken place in 1015. The palace of Kinkora, which was situated on the banks of the Shannon, near Killaloe, is now a heap of ruins.

    James Clarence Mangan, 1897

    Detail from Rand McNally map of Ireland, 1897.
    Above: detail from Rand McNally map of Ireland, 1897.
    Map © Cartography Associates, from the Rumsey Collection.

    Left: detail from satellite photo (click for larger version).

    Charon (MIT Project) 1989, James Coleman ©